About Hornyblackfuta: Interracial Cyber Rp account: Im a Black girl that loves to fuck white sluts. <3 Really wanting a great Blowjob Might even submit to someone for one. Age: 17 Name: Kenya S/O: Lez Appearance: Profile Picture Sub or dom?: Dom or sub for girls Quick Rules: *WILL NOT RP AS A FUTA WITH A GUY! End of story. *If want to Role Play no need to start with a setting, you may talk to me first to inform me of what you expect of me from it and the setting you would like. *Please talk using actual grammer and not txt talk, i will block txt talkers. *I Will not get on a webcam, or trade pictures, nor want to see anyone on a webcam. Likes: /mistress/slave/monster/tentacle/oversized/bondage/torture/furry/sex/cyber/slime/bestiality/Pain/futa/anal/deepthroat/piss/scat/facial/racial/interracial/submissive/racist/degrade/guro/Vore/Cum/Furries/Anthros/Futa/Beastilty/Fantasy/Alien/child/Constrict/Slavery/Nagas/rough/kinky/balls/slut/whore/rape/cumdump/goo/succubus/tentacles/Spit/Humiliation/Mutilation/nigger